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Support the Respect Protect Pay Slate to build a fighting union that fights to make sure that all the essential workers of UFCW 3000 get: Better wages, Respect on the job, and Safety at work!

"I've been at the bargaining table with Faye and Joe. They built a strong member driven bargaining process. They fight hard against the employer and they win."

Cindy Franck
Saint Michael Medical Center
About us

All essential workers deserve respect, safety and pay raises

The Respect Protect Pay Slate is Faye for President, Joe for Secretary Treasurer, Maria for Recorder and 48 rank-and-file members from grocery, health care, food packing and processing, office workers, cannabis, laundry, and retail industries.

We have bargained hundreds of contracts together, walked picket lines together, and work every day to protect the wages, safety and benefits of over 50,000 workers in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

We are committed to building a union that fights for all essential workers to have Better wages, Respect on the job and s safe workplace.

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Our platform

We want to build a fighting union

We have built a fighting union that has stable finances, that bargains strong contracts, solves problems at work, protects our healthcare and retirement, and fights for all essential workers to have better wages, respect on the job, and safe workplaces

Winning Grocery Wages and Benefit Improvements

-Won record grocery wage increases in most recent contract negotiations

-Won pay equity across scales

-Saved our pension and won first benefit improvements in over a decade

-Won Grocery Hazard Pay Pay in more cities and for longer than any other union in the county

-Established, founded and funded the first Training Fund for Grocery/Retail workers in the nation

-Led the fight with the Attorney General against organized retail theft

-Led the fight to oppose the mega merger of Kroger/Albertsons

healthcare Staffing and bargaining victories

- Won record health care wage increases in most recent contract negotiations and hundreds contracts bargained mid-cycle to get more money in workers pockets.

-Shortened wage scales and eliminated ghost steps

-Won historic pandemic protections

-Partnered with WSNA and SEIU to build for strike readiness in Providence, CHI and Multicare systems.

-Collected and distributed thousands of PPE’s to health care workers across the state

-Passed the strongest safe staffing laws and contract language in Washington State history— WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO TAKE ON THE HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION

Raising standards for food Packing and Processing workers

-Won record wage increases in most recent contract negotiations

-Worked to ensure that packing plants were held to the highest safety standards throughout the pandemic.

-Helped over two dozen Packing and Processing workers become U.S. Citizens

-Collected and distributed thousands of PPE to packing house workers across the state.

-Started the Meat Grant Program awarding Food Packing & Processing workers $600

-Fought and WON some of the strongest line speed standards in the entire country in our UFCW 3000 facilities

What's Next for Grocery

Over the next three years we must:

-Roll our grocery victories and wages in the Puget Sound to the upcoming Eastside bargain

-Continue to achieve large pay increases in future contracts to return grocery work to a middle-class job

-Stop the the Albertsons-Kroger merger and make sure we are protected in any future merger/sale

-Force all employers to provide safe workplaces

-Making sure that Meatcutter apprenticeship and training grows across the State

-Secure our healthcare and pensions

What's Next for Healthcare

Over the next three years we must:

-Enforce safe staffing laws and bargain ratios into contracts across all healthcare systems

-Invest in workforce development to increase the pipeline of workers coming into the medical profession

-Fight health care system consolidation that hurts our members and our communities

-Force all employers to provide safe workplaces

-Ensure that all health care workers have affordable health plans in their contracts- so they can afford to get care where they work

What's Next for All Members of 3000

Over the next three years we must:

-Plan for the future of work and protect ourselves from the impacts of automation, the gig economy, and AI on our jobs

-Invest in workforce development to get the training and workplace skills needed to advance our careers

-Organize more workers into the union-- there is strength in numbers!

-Train thousands of members to enforce safety standards at their workplaces

-Coordinate bargains with other unions across the U.S. so we are taking on our largest employers with all of our collective power

our supporters

together, we can build a stronger UFCW 3000

“I'm supporting a board that Represents ME”

The union board needs to have representation from all of its members. The Respect Protect Pay Slate has members from all across the State and from every industry that our union represents. I want union leaders that have expertise in grocery, health care, retail and packing and processing-- and this is that team!

Jacob Kostecka
Providence St Peter, Olympia

"Let's keep our winning streak"

Faye, Joe, Maria and the entire Respect Protect Pay team have invested big in enforcing our rights. They won a massive case for me against Kroger, and our union has one of the strongest track records in the country of winning grievances against the employers. I'm supporting the slate because they are serious about enforcing our rights at work.

Sam Dancy
QFC, Seattle

“My pension needs expertise we can rely on”

Faye and Joe have years of pension expertise. They helped take our underfunded Red Zone grocery pension and turned it into a funded Green Zone Plan, with the first benefit improvements in over a decade. I'm supporting the Respect, Protect, Pay slate so my pension stays protected.

Sue Wilmot
Retired Safeway, Bremerton

“Great Partners who think big”

We have partnered with and bargained alongside Faye and Joe and the team from 3000 for many years. They are a forward thinking, innovative team that always keep the members' best interests as their first priority. Faye and Joe are never afraid to stand up and fight for their members. I proudly support Faye, Joe, Maria and the Respect, Protect, Pay slate and look forward to many years of continued partnership between Teamsters 38 and UFCW 3000 under Faye, Joe, and Maria's leadership.

Sam Kantak
Teamsters 38

“Fighting for safety for us and our patients”

Throughout the pandemic this leadership team fought to get us PPE when the government ran out. They held Providence and other big systems to the highest safety standards. In the last year, they built the coalition, along with strong member voices, to take on the staffing crisis in health care. They are all about getting things done.

Derek Roybal
Providence Sacred Heart, Spokane

"United East to West"

Faye, Joe, Maria and this board led the merger with 21 and 1439 to become the biggest UFCW in the country. We are taking on mega corporations and huge health care systems and the Respect Protect Pay Slate helped build a union big enough to stand up to anybody!

Vanessa Roessner
Rosauers, Spokane

“Faye Puts members out front”

Faye and Joe have been leading the coalition to fight the Kroger-Albertsons merger. When we got a chance to testify in front of the FTC, the government regulators said that I (a Safeway worker) wouldn't be allowed to speak. Faye told them "NO WAY", If I wasn't in the room she wouldn't be in the room. Guess what-- they let me in the room. This is the type of leader we need-- one who lifts up member voices. With Faye it's not about "me"-- it's all about "WE!"

Naomi Oligario
Safeway, Port Orchard

“Maria is one of a kind”

We are one of the biggest unions in the country and Maria makes sure that the day-to-day operations are smooth. She is one of the smartest and hardest working person I have seen at the union hall in all my time with the union. The safety summit was an important event for me and my coworkers and Maria made it happen! Faye, Joe, and Maria make an amazing team geared for the future of UFCW and ALL members. I'm proud to be supporting Maria for recorder and the entire Respect Protect Pay Slate.

Scott Shifflet
PCC Meatcutter, Redmond

"Joe has our back"

Joe works hard with our member board audit committee to make sure our union's finances are secure. We have built a huge strike and defense fund--and the employers know it-- which means we can take on any fight. This team has built a financially strong union without an increase to dues rates in over a decade.

Gregg Barney
MultiCare, Tacoma
UFCW 3000 Audit Committee Member

"Building a bigger Union"

When we organized our Fred Meyer store. Faye and Joe were with us every step of the way to bargain our first contract. We won a great contract and are now proud members of the union! I support the Respect, Protect, Pay slate because they are committed to growing our union.

Eden Hill
Fred Meyer, Richland

"This teams IS ALL about keeping us safe"

My union stands up for my safety at work. When CHI was failing to keep us and our patients safe, union leadership didn't miss a beat to get the State to intervene. I know they've done the same for my fellow members in grocery stores, meat packing plants, and cannabis shops. When it comes to safety, they know it is the union's responsibility to hold the employer accountable.

Rob Shauger
Saint Michael, Silverdale

“They know Processing is Essential Work”

The Respect Protect Pay Slate helped get is the $600 meat grant, a process that is ongoing. This team also established a Food Processing Division to really focus on our essential work.

Anna Alverez
Washington Beef, Toppenish